Rest APIs Basics for Product Managers

REST (Representational State Transfer) is a type of web architecture and a set of constraints to be applied to web services. RESTful APIs are important because they provide a way for different systems and applications to communicate with one another in a standardized and efficient manner.

They enable the creation of scalable web services by allowing developers to access and manipulate data and functionality from other systems. This allows for the integration of different systems and platforms, providing more powerful and flexible products. Additionally, RESTful APIs allow for the easy integration of third-party services, such as social media or payment processors, which can add value to a product without the need for additional development.

Furthermore, RESTful APIs use standard HTTP protocol, which makes them easy to use, understand and almost any programming language can use it. As a result, RESTful APIs are widely used in modern software development and play a key role in the digital economy.

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